Tai Chi School First Anniversary

Celebrate one year of Tai Chi School and the launch of our new course: Body Mechanics Masterclass.

Silk reeling or “wave hands” is the core of all Tai Chi exercises. This new course explores the hidden details you need to perfect your technique and posture, and shows how to integrate the movements into your martial arts practice.

Saturday 2nd

  • 1pm - 5pm. Body Mechanics Masterclass with Silk Reeling and Applications. Laoshi Aamir Rafi takes you through our new course. (£50, includes free Body Mechanics Masterclass online course)
  • 6pm - 7pm. Free lesson, open to all ages and abilities. Qigong, Tai Chi Form, and applications
  • 7pm - 7.30pm. New course launch and demonstration. Laoshi Aamir Rafi demonstrates the principles in the new course, and will answer any questions
  • 7.30pm. Food & party. Enjoy a hot meal (including vegan and gluten free options) and have a few drinks with us.

Sunday 3rd

  • 11pm - 3pm. Tai Chi Sword and Applications. An exploration of the sword form, linking it to Saturday’s body mechanics seminar. (£40, or £80 for both seminars including Body Mechanics Masterclass online course)



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Tai Chi School First Anniversary