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Over 12 hours of content, you will learn the Chen Tai Chi 8 Form, a great introduction to the longer 11, 18, Lao Jia and Xin Jia routines.

This form contains all the essence of Tai Chi's 8 fundamendal energies. You will also learn silk reeling, stepping exercises, partner drills, some Qi Gong breathing exercises, and have access to warm up routines and audio.


Master Aamir Rafi is a certified 6th Duan Wei instructor who has won competitions all over Europe.

He's trained directly with Chen Zhenglei, direct decendent of the Chen family lineage. Aamir's teaching is extremely detailed and clear, and we work hard to make our content as understandable as possible.


All our videos are shot in full HD with great quality sound.

We've kept visual clutter to an absolute minimum so you can concentrate on the course material directly. Check out some of our free content if you're not convinced!

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