Warm Ups

F wu

Warm ups are really important before any exercise. As well as ensuring you don't get hurt or injured, they also prepare your body for the exercise itself. Tai Chi warm ups specifically help with increasing the range of motion in your joints and increase the strength, flexibility and pliability of your ligaments and tendons.

Tai Chi warm ups are also Qigong exercises, opening up meridians and increasing blood and energy flow to your whole body. The warm up introduces key movements and techniques for all Tai Chi forms.

In this unit there is a short, normal and long warm up - select based on how much time you have and how strenuous your practice is going to be. The first video explains the reasons for all the warm ups if you want to know more! These routines work the whole body and are the ideal warm up routine for all sports and exercises, not just Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

— 2 hours
— 4 lessons