Explore the units that make up our Tai Chi Foundation Course.

Introduction Lessons

The perfect place to begin learning Tai Chi. Suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced students.

Contains a taster of all the content in the Foundation Course. Start here if you don't know where to begin!

— 6 hours
— 6 lessons

Chen Tai Chi Eight Form

The Chen Tai Chi Eight Form is a great introduction to Chen Tai Chi and contains all the foundation blocks of advanced Tai Chi practice, while being possible to practice in a small space.

— 3 hours
— 8 lessons

Silk Reeling

Silk reeling is the principal method of movement within Chen Tai Chi. It is considered the essence of Tai Chi as a whole and helps develop health, relaxation, and martial abilities.

— 1 hour
— 6 lessons

Qigong Breathing

Qigong means to cultivate energy and is practised to improve physical, emotional and mental health, increase energy, vitality and overall well-being.

— 1 hour
— 4 lessons

Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin, roughly translated as "eight special exercises", is a fantastic Qigong routine suitable for everyone.

— 1 hour
— 3 lessons

Martial Applications

An introduction to how the Tai Chi form movements can be used for attack and defence.

— 2 hours
— 5 lessons

Warm Ups

Warm ups are really important before any exercise. As well as ensuring you don't get hurt or injured, they also prepare your body for the exercise itself.

— 2 hours
— 4 lessons

Standing Meditation

Standing Meditation or Zhan Zhuang literally means "standing post" and is a training method in which static postures are held to develop correct structural alignment.

— 17 minutes
— 2 lessons


An introduction to the basic steps in Tai Chi. These basic exercises link silk reeling with movement from the Tai Chi form.

— 26 minutes
— 3 lessons

Push Hands

Push Hands is the first step for students learning the martial aspects of Tai Chi. On a basic level, it involves two people moving together with their arms in contact.

— 37 minutes
— 3 lessons